December 04, 2012

January 2013


Welcome to the January 2013 Site Blog/Update. Here I will let you know about news and whats moving and whats not!

Trucker caps are selling well, still loads in stock, snap back, one size fits all!

Axle & Chip kit, 142x12 for 5, BigTop, SB66, in stock and £77.99 including the axle (RRP is £36.99 on axle & £49.99 on chip kit), makes it the cheapest on the net!

All the new 2013 ride gear & the rest of the casual (T=shirts in store, in stock now) will be here in February, You will be able to buy them from the end of January to make sure you are the first with this stuff. The last minor drop (a couple of each) sold out in 2 hours! Be assured I have loads of stock coming to last a lot more than 2 hours!

ODI YETI Grips- A little bird told me these were low stock at ODI, I hope they dont cancel them, best grip of all time!

More soon, but for now, have a happy new year!