SDG COMP Pedals All Colours

We know... another flat pedal.

Starting with a non-offset, generous 110mm x 105mm profile, the COMP Pedals ensure plenty of real estate for your feet, especially larger ones. The Comp Pedals are totally flat which pairs perfectly with modern, flat pedal shoes with stiff soles. To maximize grip, the pedals feature 18 bottom loading pins, along with ramped and undercut gripper base to enhance traction further. Spinning on a machined Cro-Mo spindle with a rebuildable bearing & bushing system, the new Comp pedals are built tough and ready to take a beating. We offer the pedals in 6 different colour ways to help complete your SDG kit and colour match perfectly with our Bel-Air V3 saddle & Thrice grips.


Keep your feet where you left them with the superb grip on the Comp pedals. Thanks to its large 110mm x 105mm platform, 9 pins per side, and proven ramped & undercut gripper profile, the Comp pedals will keep your feet planted regardless of how wild things get on the trail.


Flat pedal shoes have stiff soles that best conform to a flat pedal profile, so that's why we chose to stick with a flat profile. This ensures the best bond between your pedal and shoe and allows for all-day comfort.


  • Material - Composite Body Cage & Machined Cro-Mo Spindle.
  • Flat 110mm x 105mm Profile - Maximum contact patch with a flat profile to ensure complete pedal control.
  • 9x Bottom Loading Pins Per Side - Plenty of pins to dig into your shoes and bottom loading so they're easy to replace.
  • Ramped & Undercut Gripper Profile - This proven shape helps to provide even more fore and aft traction.
  • Proven Bearing & Bushing System - These have demonstrated excellent durability and are as easy as can be to replace when they finally wear out.


  • Length: 110mm.
  • Width: 105mm.
  • Height: 17.25mm.
  • Weight: 380g per pair.